Careers at Bank of New Zealand
  • An opportunity to do good things

    It's our goal to inspire positive change in New Zealand by helping more people to be good with money. And we want to lead by example. So when you work with us, you'll be part of a collaborative, innovative team, where leadership comes in all shapes and sizes.

    We support big thinkers and back people who put customers first. We appreciate anyone who goes the extra mile, because that's what we do too. So no matter where you start, there are always opportunities to grow within BNZ.

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  • Andrew Devine

    Graduate, Agribusiness,
  • Kael Deherrera

    Graduate, Accounting & Finance,
  • Best way to avoid daily trips to grab a muffin or bikkie every day - do a baking mission on Sunday afternoon and fill up your lunch bag for the week ahead.

    Filipo, Financial Literacy Specialist.

    Every Sunday, I sit down and give myself an hour to go over mine and my partner's spending for the week - it keeps us honest and on track against the budget.

    Andrew, Strategy Manager, Pricing and Insights.

    Every Thursday night, my friends are often out having drinks and takeaways - so I've taken up pottery. I've replaced all my plates and mugs and made some pretty stunning bowls and vases for gifts.

    Polly - Online Community Associate.

    Each payday I allocate my pay towards savings, bills and spending money - this helps me reach my goals faster.

    Victoria - Talent Acquisition.

    I'm all about people, I'm a very strong people person.

    Eva, Assistant Store Manager.

    There's a massive amount of talent at BNZ and you're judged on what you've done or how you're doing it; not how long you've been doing it.

    Martin, Head of Sales & Service.

    My 12 year old daughter has been learning about financial literacy, and has bought herself a piggy bank divided into three sections being Save/Spend/Donate - she divides her pocket money evenly across the three.

    Megan, Capability.

    Through YouMoney, I can set up automatic transfers into designated accounts such as "Lunches", "Food", "Bills", "Savings", "Rent" etc. Once all these transfers have gone through, I then know how much disposable income I have for the next 2 weeks

    Hugh, Internal Audit.

    Every January I lock in an amount to increase my long term savings by. Then it's just keeping the focus on it and being aware of where the money goes.

    Yvonne, Milford Store.

    Every morning I prepare a packed lunch for my children. Recently I started to do the same for myself and instead of spending $10 per day on lunch, I now spend zero. Reckon I save $200 per month.

    Ross, Risk.

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